E-patients: Opportunity and dysfunctions… we have to be understood

At present, many are the tools 2.O that professional and patient they have to his reach to obtain data to near diseases, treatments and everything what concrete teaching surrounds.

The patients, as she could not be of another form in surroundings of these characteristics and with a pool of unaffordable information, have begun to organize themselves to take advantage of the network to the benefit of self-management their health and the obtaining of the information more novel than can contribute improvements in its quality of life and the boarding of its disease.

Here the figure arises from E-patient, patient informed, expert of the possibilities of the network as much from the obtaining of information to the possibility of sharing experiences and knowledge. In this case, the sanitary professionals have to visualize the situation very positively, the motivating effect and the implication necessity will be decisive elements to improve the commitment of the patient in the boarding of the pathology, being improved unquestionably their indicators of health.

When the problems can arise?

-When the patient can access to information of interprets in bad way, even converting into physical symptoms nonexistent situations.

- When the patient wants to instruct to the professional and the positive binomial between both is broken.

- When the exceptional nature becomes norm (and it is interpreted thus through a phenomenon in network).

- When the reference professional “does not know” the type of information that handles the patient and this one can subjectively be interpreted.

- When the social network stops being a complement for the sanitary professional and can influence its decisions unconsciously.


To avoid these dysfunctions is not easy task, all we know that Internet (with all the informative and communication forms that agglutinates) has the two faces of the currency,… in the case that occupies to us, if it takes advantage or, can be a catalyst important to improve the health of many patients – preventive, palliative aspects, adhesion to the treatment, detection of dysfunctions of the same,… -, but on the contrary, become erroneous interpretations or is the waiting room of complex attitudes, can be an element of distance of some patients, the sanitary services and the own professionals.

In any medical consultation or the own pharmacy, a question in the History of the Patient would have of being…

“Do you inform via Internet?  Since he does?  As he interprets it”


La salud 2.0

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