Pharmaceutical Industry: The eternal unfair criticism

Recently there have been published two books about the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical tests. Once again, it is on the table the ethical question of the sector and the speculation about his eagerness to do business with people health…

As I said earlier in one of my posts, medicines are an involved technology, which represents, in many cases, the first therapeutic tool to serve the patient. Moreover, in most cases it is undervalued and its merit in dealing with the disease haven’t been admitted. The upside is rarely contemplated and it’s more easy and saleable to talk about dark manipulations to achieve success and consequently an economic benefit.

Each year, a large number of molecules are being investigated, which in many cases, their usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness is not going to be demonstrated. They are investments in the search for substances that may go to market with guarantees and security, are investments that will never return but which are the real reason for the Pharmaceutical Industry and despite not succeed in numerous investigations, every little step that ago, every advance that is produced, has 2 inevitable consequences: 1) The industry is alive in R + D + i, 2) learn from each one for future research molecules.

Behind Industry Pharmaceutical there are thousands of people working,  there are professionals involved in each of the links in the chain of research, development and commercialization of medicines … the vision of a group of people without ethics, and dark gray shades, sitting around a table with large windows that displayed the most noble of the city and economic notables forward without any shred of ethics,it is only pure fiction.

Let’s begin to respect a little more the pharmaceutical industry, what produces, what generates, what brings … and delete the negative label. There are cases where problems have come up? Sure, that in post-marketing pharmacovigilance some abnormalities were detected in some very specific cases? Completely true, but this is the reason why we must stop believing in a sector that has been one of the principal architects of the health and welfare that characterizes us?

Industria Farmacéutica

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